Honoring Time

Healing and the road to success have a lot in common. I am analyzing both as a race towards the same goal, gathering perspectives clearly different in style but quite siamese in the content. This is what Artists do. Following the path of misery is a way to achieve Creativity. In order to bring our … Continue reading Honoring Time

Phuket Yoga Retreat for Beginners

26th Nov. - 4th December 2017 - PreBook NOW and Pay Later! No Cancellation Fees! In Hindu and Tibetan Buddhist traditions, Shambhala is a Mythical Kingdom. All Ages Be Yogi Retreat will be held at Villa Shambala, in Phuket The incredible construction of the Villa Shambala blended harmoniously with Nature makes it a Magical and … Continue reading Phuket Yoga Retreat for Beginners

Knowledge is the New Solidarity

Our society is treating animals as a reflection of how we are being treated like! We are kept in captivity, being forced to perform tasks we don't naturally relate to, we are being Sugar Fed to increase endorphin's and produce a fake sense of Happiness. When we complete out tasks, the rewards are related to … Continue reading Knowledge is the New Solidarity

Are you too lazy to follow your dreams?

Let’s assume for a minute that we are having a totally honest and transparent conversation. I ask you, ‘Are you living the life you really want’?, You answer me, ‘No, I am not’. What’s stopping you is the next question. The fact of the matter is, that many people are not living the life they […] … Continue reading Are you too lazy to follow your dreams?

Travelling is cheaper than Therapy

Traveling allows you to do so many things you never do when you’re home. The lessons you can learn about yourself and others are invaluable. I’ve found some basic ways to make sure I enrich myself while I’m traveling. Break out of your comfort zone Challenge yourself to do things that you normally wouldn’t try. […] … Continue reading Travelling is cheaper than Therapy