Laws of the Universe

Astrology is a language of symbols and a great tool to understanding yourself deeply.

The astrologer will calculate your astrological birth chart and through a series of sessions, will guide and help you identifying your core characteristics and what makes sense to you – who you are and who you can be, introducing You to Yourself on behalf of the Universe.

Also, the astrologer will share with you information regarding major planetary transits and how they influence your Life Cycles.

Why knowing about the planets and the Universe at the time of birth and in a point in Life will actually help me?

It starts with a very simple (yet complex) acknowledgement – What do I Fear?

Fears are our Ego’s response to the Unknown. As an automatic defensive mechanism, the Mind urges a quick action of the SELF to secure survival and safety. It is instinctive to Mankind to react in a defensive mode to whatever is Unknown, even attack without knowing what the battle is.

This is the main reason why people are more and more interested in KNOWING what is written in the Stars about one’s journey, how our Minds work, how we can develop emotional intelligence, and even predict the Future, so we don’t get stuck in never ending cycles of karma and toxic mind sets.

A Natal Chart serves as a map to your Life, to your SELF. With the guidance of the Astrologer, you will be able to identify What kind of Spirituality works best for you and shine a light on your Life Purpose and Earth mission.

Millionaires don’t believe in Astrology

Billionaires DO!

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