Holiday Retreat

” We Travel not to escape Life, but for Life not to escape Us “

Tourism and Holidays are the most common choice when you want to Rest, discover the World visiting new places, getaway from routine, re-charge energies and even meet  like minded people.

The Inner Tourist is a meaningful holistic holiday retreat, where you will visit a new you.

As a tourist in the deep subconscious of yourself, this is a getaway from the you who is programmed and obedient to social norms and rules, where you will have a chance to heal your memory and treat your body with complete awareness from head to toe.

Whether you are an atheist or simply not interested in spirituality, there comes a moment in Life when it is time to reconsider your relationship with the mysterious.

One of the highlights of this meaningful holiday retreat is the excitement of the preparation stage. Getting to know each one of you better and defining a detailed strategic program individually is where both us, your Tour Guides and You, Dear Guests, create the strong foundations who will serve of basis to this Experience.

Your specialized Tour Guides will guide your through the Body, Mind and Universe of our existence:

Qi Gong (Chi Kung), Meditation – Feeling energy, Breathing techniques and correcting body posture

Spa and Therapies: as the bridge between Spiritual and Physical awareness and as physical awareness from head to toe.

Holistic Intuitive Life Coaching to ground the information with tools and guidelines on How to bring it all together, unblock emotional baggage and deconstruct core beliefs that no longer serve our Life path.

” We don’t see things as they are, we see things as we are ” Anais Nin

What is Included:

Full INNER TOURIST PACKAGE – Holistic Life Changing Program on Your Self

4 hours Holistic Life Coaching Workshops

Detailed report Identifying Physical, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual needs. Personalized reports with insights on behavior, personality, mind sets and main characteristics and habits.

10 hours Morning Qi Gong (Chi Kung) by the beach

10 hours Guided Meditation for beginners

2 Private Energy Healing Sessions

3 x 1h Body Massages

What are the main results:

  • Reduce levels of Stress and Anxiety
  • Develop intuitive skills to boost self confidence and trust
  • Full body reset by unblocking stuck energy and emotional baggage
  • Balance the hormones
  • Grow a sense of self worth
  • Learn how to meditate according to your own pace and rhythm
  • Learn how to breathe
  • Experience all your senses in a fresh new way
  • Reduce hypertension and sleeping disorders
  • Balance body weight and correct body posture

Open all year – program starts on Monday

Meaningful Holistic Holiday in Thailand, the Land of Smiles 

Thailand is simply the best place to practice yoga and martial arts, find like-minded people, cleanse your body from toxins and free your mind from worries on the most spiritual natural chill-out island of the Land of Smiles.

All Inclusive – 7 nights Accommodation – 5 days Program (Monday to Friday)

Airport Transfer from Koh Samui International Airport

Accommodation in Boutique Resort in exquisite location

Daily Brunch (breakfast) and Dinner during the Program days (Monday to Friday) – Detox, Raw, Organic Menu adapted to your needs

After Dinner Cognitive workshops and Sound Healing Therapies to develop intuition, share experiences, relax and have fun!

Daily Qi Gong (Chi Kung) Sessions in the gardens – Learn how to feel your Body energy and relax the muscles for complete Balance – What is Qi Gong?

Daily Guided Meditation Sessions – Learn how to meditate according to your own pace and rhythm

Adventures (not included)

1hour horse riding on the beach (not included)

Waterfall Jeep Tour (Full day, optional, not included)

Ang Thong National Park (Full day, optional, not included)

Body Awareness Program – Massages and Holistic Treatments:

3 Massages (40 minutes to 1 hour) Choose from: Thai, Coconut Oil, Body Detox Scrub, Relaxing, Deep Tissue, Back and Shoulder, Leg  and Foot Reflexology, Head and Face.

Holistic Treatments: 40 minutes Chakra Alignment session, 40 minutes Reiki Healing session

Free Time recommendations:

Beach, Shopping, Markets, other activities, water sports, tours to other islands.

Accommodation Options

Single and Double accommodation Prices «all inclusive» – Prices start at 38800 THB 1 Person and 59000 THB 2 People (excl. flights) –Book Now

Sharing – Bamboo Tree House Style 6 Beds DORM – Prices start at 28000 THB / excl. flights – Book Now

Request 10 minutes video call for details (click here)

Contact by email: or Whatsapp: +66.620.174.105

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