Mind Awareness

Coaching on how to analyse all of the information is Vera. Based on the principle that things become important to us when we believe they will take us in the direction of Happiness as a state of Being, Vera will guide you through a series of sessions to identify the fundamental policies that define who you are and where you want to be, now and in the Future.

Our assumptions, emotions and experiences set an inflexible position based on what we have intuitively distilled from our accumulated learning, shaping our perception of events and the way we choose to react. With the right tools and an open mind, we will Identify Values and Core Beliefs behind the Journey of your Thought and how one single thought turns into a habit.

We will work through the Yin and Yang principle of the Universe, with the concept that the polarity between Spirit and Will relates to the bi-polar relationship between our Left and Right lobes, to understanding energy as Masculine vs. Feminine, Order vs. Chaos, Reason and Logic Vs. Intuition and Language vs. Psychic gifts.

Coaching Tools and Worksheets supporting the sessions and final reports:

The Johari Window; Cognitive Therapy Diagram; Time Management “4 Rooms” table of contents