Inner Tourist

These coaching tools are used to identify personality traits, core beliefs and individual habits, while the Tarot and Oracle is used to identify different views and perspectives and gain clarity over a subject.

The Inner Tourist program connects the dots to help and guide through the self awareness process and set balanced life goals in 3 AREAS:

THE BRIDGE – Body Awareness

Through Qi Gong, Meditation, Energy and a specific Diet matching your needs and rhythm (Body)

THE OUTSIDE – Astrology

The astrologer will introduce you to yourself, on behalf of the Universe (Spirit)

THE INSIDE – Holistic Coaching

Support and Help on how to connect the dots? (Mind)

It is the soul’s duty to be loyal to its own desires.

It must abandon itself to its Master Passions.

All together we will work to find the Bridges of our own Inner Worlds and what is on both ends, which main Anchors signalize the Shores, Identifying opposite energies, remembering that we always have a Choice.

We are our own Gurus, our most detailed Masters.

We aren’t here to Teach you anything new, We are here guiding you on how to connect  the dots of your reality  by creating a synergy of triggers which bring out the Questions so you can Teach Yourself how to Live a more Balanced Life.

Through exercises, games, what if’s and why not’s we will dig deep into the Mind and Emotional status of the Self.

The Journey can be more specific or more general, more inquisitive or solution oriented, practical or spiritual, physical or emotional.

Work on the 3 main Pillars BODY, MIND AND SPIRIT with the Inner Tourist Program – info

Travel doesn’t become an adventure until you leave yourself behind

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