Intuitive Coaching

Holistic Coaching THROUGH Tarot

What is your question? 

Knowing what we want to know is one of the most important things when working with Tarot and Oracles. Mainly because we set the pace of the connection and contact with the Spirit, if we require an immediate answer or insight over a subject, we have to orchestrate the question so Spirit will reply as immediate and clear as your question is.

  • First Free 10 minutes we will work together on THE QUESTION so it is crystal clear to everyone involved What you want to know and your expectations about it.
  • 45 minutes Tarot Reading with 5 Decks

Cartomancy, Rider Waite’s Classic Tarot, Tao Oracle, IChing Oracle, Tarot of the 78 Doors

  • 20 minutes to work on Setting Intentions and Touring different possible Outcomes

Information can be used as a stagnant energy or be used to move mountains. Here you have no choice! The inner tour ends with exercises that will work on the process of transforming Knowledge into Wisdom by focusing on the Lesson and not the Fact.

What am I going to do about what I know about myself and others? How will I use it wisely? How can I use it to make the World a better place for myself and others? What do my questions say about my Life Path?

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