A História da Planta

O Mundo está a mudar e todos vamos Acordar para uma nova realidade, uma nova forma de viver. Não são os carros que vão ter asas, nem os cães vão começar a falar, é uma transformação platónica de com grande impacto a nível pessoal e do dia-a-dia, da forma como alimentamos a energia de viver … Continue reading A História da Planta

Phuket Yoga Retreat for Beginners

26th Nov. - 4th December 2017 - PreBook NOW and Pay Later! No Cancellation Fees! In Hindu and Tibetan Buddhist traditions, Shambhala is a Mythical Kingdom. All Ages Be Yogi Retreat will be held at Villa Shambala, in Phuket The incredible construction of the Villa Shambala blended harmoniously with Nature makes it a Magical and … Continue reading Phuket Yoga Retreat for Beginners

Knowledge is the New Solidarity

Our society is treating animals as a reflection of how we are being treated like! We are kept in captivity, being forced to perform tasks we don't naturally relate to, we are being Sugar Fed to increase endorphin's and produce a fake sense of Happiness. When we complete out tasks, the rewards are related to … Continue reading Knowledge is the New Solidarity

Eclipse Special OFFER

All Inclusive Body & Soul Couple’s Retreat 8 Days Accommodation in a Private Luxury Villa Airport Transfers Daily Private Yoga Workshops for 2 (2h Morning + 1h30 Afternoon) Daily Couple’s Massage (30min.) Daily Herbal Baths Private In House Chef : Daily Meals (Brunch, Dinner, All Day Healthy Snacks, Juices, Shakes and Cocktails) adaptable to every … Continue reading Eclipse Special OFFER

When was the last time you and your partner were in the same Mindset?

It has been proven that by participating in Retreats, you will achieve far more progress than you would in month's of weekly couples counseling. Not at all diminishing the fantastic work Therapists develop, we work close to them as well, but only for the fact that the process takes place outside your Daily Routine. Thâe … Continue reading When was the last time you and your partner were in the same Mindset?

A Mosquito, My Libido…

Having a balanced libido is imperative if you quest for body and soul awareness. People tend to forget about their libido. If your body asks for sexual healing, then you better listen to it and obey blindly because lack of libido is a very depressive disease. So when you feel those rashes of heat crawling … Continue reading A Mosquito, My Libido…