Protection is the New Black

Protection is the New Black


Just a couple of months ago Humanity was worried about losing Independence.

Extreme right movements have been gathering efforts all over Europe to regain a sense of Patria and National Identity, Leaders have been shot to death in protection of the imminent threat of war and children are confirming the vision of activists to protect Mother Nature.

The Energy was of War, the Action was Attack to Defend and the daily pattern was Fear. All the balls were in their court. We were stuck, incapable of change, fearful of what the remaining 11 months of the year 2020 would bring… and then the “unexpected” happened and the Corona Virus spreads all over the World.

The hysteria is obvious and predictable, mainly because of Media Companies. However, it is the first time in History that Humankind goes through a World Wide Pandemic Crisis and has direct personal access to the Internet.

Along with the possibility of accessing trust worthy health care investigation sources without any filters from the Media, One can also access Reality in other Countries in time and space through social media.

One chooses to search for reality. One chooses to hear others vision on reality.

On social media, it is crystal clear all the Harmony, Compassion and Unity this Fear of Disease brought upon us. Communication between people is of Respect and Individual Responsibility. We all want to stay Protected so we protect each other. We are living in 2 parallel Universes – One where memes and posts surf the web without borders, in a common language, and with a common sense of humour beyond religion, culture and geography, crashing down the installed Babel Tower Syndrome and Uniting Humans in One Intention – Protection. The other where all physical borders are closed and one must stay in isolation, without any physical contact to Unite patterns of behaviour for One Intention – Protection.

Our Fears of losing social and political independence that have thrown out a sense of upcoming World war are but a sleep in the Minds of the People – How will we react to that Fear when we wake up with a new concept of living, based on the motto: Health first – Life first?

Will it still be worth it to lose Lives in the fight for territory?

Think: “We have gathered efforts to Protect the People from a spreading disease that is killing our grandparents and now we will be supporting the killing of hundreds for Protection of Power and Financial Leadership.”… Are you going to follow this (filthy) Human Strategy?

If yes, then this is where we sail apart. You have chosen the dark side of the Force Annikin. We shall meet in the End for a last Battle.

If you don’t relate to the quote, I leave you some tips of what we can take out of these moments of Caos.

Happening behind the scenes is a new imprint of values and perceptions of global reality being downloaded and ready to be used. One can choose to fight the war or embark on a new journey that if well intended, may well lead to Equality, solution of long living political crisis and a new freedom of existence.

Changes of Scenario

  1. The concept of Selfishness has now a new meaning.

One is selfish if one doesn’t protect oneself. (One is Selfish if one focuses on oneself only)

I am selfish if I don’t protect myself

I am selfish if I focus on protecting myself.

  • The concept of Isolation has now a new meaning.

One isolates if one Respects the Whole. (One isolates when one doesn’t care about the whole)

I isolate because I don’t care about the World

I isolate because I care about myself and the World

  • The concept of Physical Health has now a new meaning.

One is physically healthy if One is protected. (One is physically healthy if One looks fit)

I am physically healthy if I follow the needs of my Body’s Nature

I am physically healthy if I exercise a lot.

Change of Perception on a daily basis

  1. Paying more attention to one’s body – learn about how the body machinery works – it is something you work with every day and you depend so much on others to maintain it. Change that. Research.
  2. Isolate one’s systemContemplate! Have a good honest look at your Emotional patterns, Thinking patterns, Living patterns and develop a storyline that you can access to manage your Life.
  3. Eat products locally produced to protect the immune system’s availability to fight any threats. Eat less, Move more! Move that body! But only Naturally. Dance, stretch… The importance of Isolation as a prevention for the spreading of COVID-19 intends to avoid any physical contact between people. On the other hand, One’s contact with Nature is crucial for a Healthy strong body so take the chance and adventure out Alone, with Yourself and a playlist on your phone to inspire trekking, hiking, meditating, breathing fresh air and receiving sunlight, ingredients that naturally boost one’s immune system. Be conscious and respect security distances from Others. Enjoy the time to focus on yourself.

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