Knowledge is the New Solidarity

Our society is treating animals as a reflection of how we are being treated like!

We are kept in captivity, being forced to perform tasks we don’t naturally relate to, we are being Sugar Fed to increase endorphin’s and produce a fake sense of Happiness.

When we complete out tasks, the rewards are related to basic censorial organs. We want to see. We get easily stuck to Vision and Sound. It keeps us still, doesn’t make us move. It keeps an open channel to receiving information and not really stimulating Peace of Mind. Too much information turns into stress, fears, phobias, health conditions such as skin diseases and depression.

When have we stopped being able to relax? Or have we never as a Race have been able to stop evolving, moving, doing, inventing, discovering, exploring… ?

We also need Freedom to follow our Nature, our most uncontrolled instincts.

I have worked with Dogs shelters when organizing an Awareness campaign and met hundreds of dog owners who think they are doing the right thing by feeding them human food and meds. Wondering why your dog looks depressed at least once a week? Where there you go, he’s with a food poisoning for all the ingredients his organism can’t process.

But we only do it because we love them. So it all comes down to Love!

Loving is beautiful and it is indeed the answer to all our questions but do we know how to Love?

I came across an article the other day on the differences between Ego Love and Unconditional Love and honestly I could relate to a bunch of them.

” When we love someone conditionally, we tend to want them to look, act, and think in ways that fit our own paradigms and expectations.  We hold others accountable to our expectations in order to qualify for our affection.  If they act the way we want them to, we express our approval; if they act contrary to our wishes, we withhold our expression of acceptance of them, usually in some form of anger.  Conditional love polarizes our internal thought process to believe, “I am right, and you are wrong, so I think you should see things my way.”  As soon as begin to judge someone as being right or wrong, it is our cue that we are not in a space of unconditional love because we are perceiving that we are the authority for someone else’s life.  This ultimately results in a power play for everyone involved because it focuses on control, which typically elicits a defensive reaction from the people whom we are trying to change. ”

This is the same mindset behind Animal Shows and Elephant Trekking’s.

From going riding an elephant or clapping to an acrobatic dolphin, to petting a baby tiger, we all do it because we all Love animals. But it is only Conditioned to our needs and desires.

Buddha says: “When you like a flower, you just pluck it.
When you LOVE a flower, you water it daily”

Shouldn’t we be all doing the same with our Animals? And to Ourselves?

Well some people are and it’s important to pass on the information to creating Awareness! Knowledge is the New Solidarity. Go passing the boundaries of your own needs and helping for Real.

We Support @phuketelephantsanctuary by taking our Guests to learn about Elephant Life. In a way that they are Respected. I was surprised to finding out that our Family Values and Rituals are extremely alike. They are not only cute for they are incredibly intelligent.

Very like us, they can stay years doing something they don’t really like or understand, and just in the same way humans do, they fall into deep depression which can trigger anger and violent behaviour.

Just like our Society. All we see in the news is anger, violence, war, negativity, destruction, and fear which is clearly Human’s instinctive reflection of years and years living in Emotional and Physical Cages developed by The Power People.

And we are doing the same over and over again to our Animals, creating a destructive endless cycle that is blocking us from Evolving to a more Sustainable World where Unity is the key of success.

#protect #respect #talkaboutit



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